Covid – 19 Response

Among the many consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are now even more people locally and globally who are in need of food assistance. This is why Feed It Forward has not stopped operations, but rather has had to scale up quickly. We have remained fluid throughout the crisis, adapting to the changes that occur daily and weekly. We are currently and consistently following the most up-to-date health and safety protocols handed down to us by the Canadian government to ensure that we are protecting not only ourselves, but also those that we provide food assistance to.

What we're doing to keep you safe

~ Volunteers are instructed to not come in if any of the following are true; they have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 14 days, they had a fever in the last 14 days, have traveled in the last 14 days, or if they have been in contact with someone who has experienced any of the previously mentioned scenarios

~ Customers advise our volunteers of what they need, and only the volunteers will be touching food and placing it in a basket for the customer to pack in their own bag

~ The number of volunteers per shift at our store has been reduced from 3-4 people down to 1-2 people

~ Volunteers are to complete a Covid-19 Questionnaire prior to the start of every shift

~ Our volunteers have been instructed to wear a facemask as a precaution

~ We ask that anyone who visits our psychical location to wear a facemask

~ Our volunteers have their temperature checked before the start of a shift

~ Only 1 customer allowed in the store at a time