The Farm at Feed It Forward

Chef Jagger Gordon on the Global Morning Show
Chef Jagger Gordon on The Global News Morning Show
May 29, 2020
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The Farm at Feed It Forward

Feed it Forward Farm

The Feed it Forward Farm is located across 200 acres in Whitby, Ontario.

The farm from Feed It Forward plants and grows fresh produce, offering nutritious ingredients and lower the amount of processed foods. This farm allows us to not only serve meals from food that may otherwise be wasted, but to cultivate our own food and provide healthy meals that are quite literally farm to table. Not only does the farm produce food for our initiatives, but we are also in possession of many clones which we can donate to food insecure individuals so that they can grow food on their balconies, in their backyards or in shared public spaces.

Food Waste on Farms

Beyond food wastage in urban areas and cities, there is also a tremendous amount of food-waste that occurs on farms. Many farms will throw out perfectly good crops simply because they are slightly blemished. The farm at Feed It Forward is predicated upon sustainability and as such, we utilize as much of our crops as possible, meaning we waste less and feed more.

Feed It Forward Sustainability Education

Part of our educational program is to use Feed It Forward’s farmland in Whitby as a teaching opportunity about sustainability and food waste. On the farm, individuals get a hands-on approach and opportunity to plant, maintain and harvest the garden. The food grown at the farm is then distributed through our PWYC Grocery Store. 

“From seed to feed, we’re planting what people need and providing for their neighbours.” – Chef Jagger Gordon