Subsidized eatery opening soon in Toronto

The Rizen Nation teamed up with Jagger Gordon
May 15, 2017
Soup restaurant looks to give back
May 22, 2017
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Subsidized eatery opening soon in Toronto

This satisfying soup takes only 17 minutes to make from start to finish. (CP PHOTO/ho)

Founder Jagger Gordon says it’s a way to help feed those in the city who are less fortunate, while simultaneously reducing food waste.

The chef who made it his mission to end food waste in the city now wants to end hunger too.

Jagger Gordon is launching Soup Bar, a model he describes as Toronto’s first subsidized eatery where patrons are allowed to pay what they can in an effort to feed those less fortunate.

“If you can afford to eat, you can pay for someone else to eat,” said Gordon.

Through his project Feed It Forward, Gordon is already collecting unused, unsold food bound for the landfill and creating nutritious, balanced meals. In the new subsidy system, a chip is placed into a jar for every $2.50 meal purchased. Anyone who can’t afford a meal can take a token out of the jar and use it as payment.

Gordon has no concerns about anyone abusing the system. “I don’t judge anyone,” he said. “If you are humble enough to come and utilize one of the chips for a meal, you’ve earned it.”

Soup Bar opens May 21 at the Scadding Court Community Centre. It’ll primarily serve soup and sandwiches but will add other items such as veggie burgers and hot dogs.

“Let’s just take care of the less fortunate and make sure no food is thrown away,” said Gordon.