Chef uses diverted food to provide Christmas meal

December 20, 2016
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Chef uses diverted food to provide Christmas meal

Chef Jaggar Gordon plans to feed up to 600 people on Christmas Day with consumable food diverted from landfills.

He also wants to make it illegal for a company or organization to trash food before its expiration date so those in need can be helped throughout the year.

“Being a chef and a caterer, it’s hard to ignore the copious amount of waste in the industry and the many people who live on the streets hungry for food. No child, woman or family should go hungry in our community,” said Gordon, adding in some European countries, it’s illegal to throw away food that is fit to consume.

In 2014, Gordon started the Feed it Forward program out of his small commercial kitchen in Mississauga where he collects and prepares food for those in need with items that are just about to expire and with produce that is still edible but can’t be sold at the retail level.

Since starting, Feed it Forward has provided 12,000 meals from small amounts of donated food, and those have been distributed by churches and community groups.

The program is developing an app to connect those in need with restaurants, retailers and farmers.

“The app will provide an alternative avenue for food donation by providing a platform connecting those in need with donors,” Gordon said.

“The recipients will have unrestricted access to the donations and will receive donation notifications detailing the type of food available, locations and pick-up times in their area.”

On Christmas Day, Feed it Forward, will feed up to 600 people with the help of sponsors and volunteers at the Queen West Community Health Centre at 168 Bathurst St. between 1 p.m.-4 p.m.

Volunteers are still needed as are items for gift bags, including tooth paste, deodorant, hats mitts or gift cards. Go to





  1. Sherry says:

    I’m in Oklahoma and we’re in desperate need of something like this. Our local charities, missions, community food banks do receive from Wal-Mart an some of the food chains in our local area. But that’s still not enough how would we go about getting one started here?

  2. […] In 2016, Feed it Forward celebrated Christmas Day by providing food for over 600 people at a local community hall (source).  […]

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